Just a little quizz for fun!  See more photos and guess what this cute animal is. Good luck!

We are in the middle of the small rainy season in Tanzania. The perfect season to climb Kilimanjaro during that less crowded time of the year (compare to July/August). Digging in my photo album, I thought it was good to have a small recap of the altitude stops on the Marangu route on Kili and the altitudes... just in case you forgot that it is higher than Mt Blanc! 
Kilimanjaro routes - Tanzania
If you experience panting at rest, extreme tiredness, dry cough with pink sputum and vomiting, the symptoms of AMS have already hit you and you are in a life-threatening situation. You must descend or get into an hyperbaric chamber (also called Gamow bags) to simulate a decrease in altitude to help you recover. 

When do you know it's really bad?
Patient gets into the Gamow Bag to simulate lower altitude - Ifremmont training - Chamonix

Revising my Mountain Medicine basics at the feet of Mt Kenya... Great time! 
A beautiful country and an amazing climb!
Headache, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, dizziness or nausea while travelling to high altitude? These are some of the symptoms of altitude sickness also called acute mountain sickness (AMS)!

Who can suffer from AMS? 
Supplemental oxygen for the night in altitude camp.

To me, daring and Adventure are two words that are very related and cannot be dissociated. Whether it is a new encounter, a different lifestyle or an expedition, adventure means making your dreams come true and thinking out of the box. 

I attended the Adventure Travel Show last week-end to have a look at what was proposed out there. The show opened its doors to the public for 2 days last week-end (Saturday 25 and Sunday 26) at the London Olympia Exhibition Centre. Two days to give new adventurers and bloggers an opportunity to satisfy their passion for travel. 

Travelling to Chamonix is always the opportunity for me to chill and take great photos of the peaks around. It brings me back to the days when I started climbing the impresssive routes of the valley. Tones of memories often overwhelm me and there's always a few friends to catch up with.   
The 'grotto' ice cave was carved out in 1946 - Chamonix - Mer de glace
Leaving the high routes behind, I enjoy taking the train to the Montenvers station at 1,913m altitude for a 20mn journey through tunnels and the forested slopes to see the Mer de Glace. The glacier is an imposing 7 km long tongue of ice surrounded by the Drus, the Grandes Jorasses in the background and the Aiguille du Grepon.  

Momo is the traditional dish in Nepal. It's dumplings made ​​of flour and water and stuffed with meat (beef, pork or chicken) or vegetables. and fried or steamed from a broth with meat and tomatoes.  There are different types of Momos: in Tibet, they usually have the shape of a 'croissant' and are served fried in a spicy sauce while in Nepal, they are traditionally rounded and steamed, served with a meat sauce.

I love the ice. I love climbing... but I am from Australia! That is roughly the message that I received from a Facebook fan in the middle of the night!. "only recently I tried ice climbing. I loved it. I truly don't know where to begin to get into it is all." 
Kosciuszko mountain in the Australian Alps.

Exotic destinations, extraordinary discoveries, amazing safaris, cultural experiences... all in one place. Start your journey to exploration on the 25 - 26th January 2014 at the Adventure Travel Show in London. 



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